This PowerSports Business article explains that according to an annual J.D. Power and Associates’ survey, “nearly two out of every three bike buyers say test rides had a ‘strong influence’ on their decision to buy.” Yet many dealerships still don’t offer test drives. Why not? More often than not it’s because they don’t have test drive insurance and therefore don’t feel comfortable allowing them. Well, MBA Insurance, the provider of RV and Motorcycle Rental insurance, has made available a new insurance program that will cover test rides.

Here is what MBA Insurance said in their press release regarding their new program:

“The new program provides coverage for motorcycle, scooter, or ATV dealers as well as the buyer/rider. In the past, buyers of these vehicles generally have not had the opportunity to try out the experience before making the purchase. With insurance coverage, buyers can now be sure they are making the right purchase while dealers will be covered if there is any damage inflicted during a test ride.”

Click here to view the press release about MBA Insurance’s new program.